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Starter Motor Repair Kits

On many starter motors, the most likely cause of failure is due to pitting and wear and tear of the contacts inside the solenoid. We supply repair kits consisting of the correct matching pair of contacts for solenoids for your… Continue reading

Alternator Repair Kits

For some of the more common alternators, we sell repair kits that you can use yourself to repair or recondition your own alternator. Kits come in a range of sizes and configurations, but many include bearings, brushes, brush box, slip… Continue reading


Some units are relatively easy to repair yourself given a few tools, a vice, and one of our repair kits.

In particular, the Nippon Denso starter motor can be easily repaired by changing just the contacts.



Alternator and Starter Motor reconditioning, repair, and repair kits

S & C Electrical, based in Essex, repair and recondition starter motors and alternators for car, agricultural, marine, and classic car use. Are you looking for a repair kit? Or are… Continue reading

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